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Sikh Chaplains in ADF

Applications are invited for Sikh Chaplains in ADF, NSCA has advocated and is liaising with the ADF for the entry of Sikh chaplains. A Sikh Chaplain will not only need to provide the required services to the Sikh members, but will also need to support any ADF member, as required by the ADF, its Commanders (based on the Service and posting to the specific ADF unit) and their chain of command.

National Sikh Council of Australia (NSCA), as the peak representative body of the Sikhs in Australia, has been invited by the Minister for Defence to support the ADF. In the past this support has been provided through the Affiliated Religious Committee (ARC) – a sub-committee to the Religious Advisory Committee (RACS).

NSCA has supported this effort in the past through the ARC and continues to support the ADF and its members more directly through RACS as well as through direct liaison with the ADF chaplains, commanders and the ADF members to resolve issues, clarify concerns, provide requested information, mediate as necessary, open communication channels and help develop policies.

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