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NSCA Membership

NSCA was formed due to common issues faced by various Sikh organisations. Without members, NSCA will cease to function, as it ONLY SERVES ITS MEMBERS not any individuals. In order for NSCA to become a powerful means of negotiation with various stakeholders, such as the Australian Government, Local & State Governments, other community groups etc, ideally all Sikh organisations should support NSCA.

If you like to join hand with others Sikh organisations for the interest of a National Sikh Agenda, please fill out the application form. Download the Membership Form

Member Meetings:
NSCA has been set up so that the common issues faced by the members (and the Sikh Community in Australia) can be addressed. Members are free to meet as and when required in order to address the issues that are common to the members and where members wish to participate. The NSCA Annual General Meetings are held annually and Ordinary Meetings are held once a quarter. Special Meetings can be held as and when required and agreed by the executive committee.