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Sikh Anzac War Memorial unveiled

Fateh Foundation Inc. has finally delivered the much awaited ‘Sikh ANZAC War Memorial’ at the suburb Glenwood in Blacktown city of Sydney. This is the first of its kind memorial in southern hemisphere that commemorates the participation and contribution of Sikh soldiers in the world wars, Saragarhi and Gallipoli. Mr …

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Proposed Sikh War Memorial

A Sikh War Memorial dedicated to the contribution and participation of Sikhs in the world wars as part of the allied forces has been proposed to Blacktown City Council. The project is spearheaded by S. Amarinder Singh Bajwa, on behalf of the Sikh community worldwide. The project would see unveiling …

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Sikh Chaplains in ADF

Applications are invited for Sikh Chaplains in ADF, NSCA has advocated and is liaising with the ADF for the entry of Sikh chaplains. A Sikh Chaplain will not only need to provide the required services to the Sikh members, but will also need to support any ADF member, as required …

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Exhibition on contribution of Sikh battalions in WW I & II

Sikhs have contributed to World war I & II with heavy losses while serving with other allied forces under the commonwealth. In World War I and II, 83,005 Sikhs were killed and 109,045 wounded fighting for the allied forces. Sikh units fought at the Battle of Saragarhi; in the First …

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Punjabi in Australian Schools

We have reached a new milestone in the teaching of Punjabi in Australia. Gurmeet Kaur, entrepreneurial Assistant Secretary National Sikh Council of Australia, has been actively involved in the teaching of Punjabi in New South Wales Australia (NSW) for the past 18 years. She was instrumentally involved in the development …

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