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Aims and Objectives

As the apex body for the Sikh community in Australia, the aims and objectives of NSCA are to:

  • Act as a principal coordinating and negotiating body, with other organisations (including local, state or federal government agencies) for and on behalf of the Sikh community and its member organisations in Australia.
  • Take necessary steps and act to protect any negative or irreverent criticism of the Sikh community, Sikh religion or its member organisations, by any other organisation(s) or individual(s) in public forums or media.
  • Make representations to the wider Australian community (including government agencies), directly or through the media, in matters relating and affecting the Sikh community or its member organisations.
  • Consider, advise and make recommendations to the Government on matters concerning and affecting the Sikh community and its member organisations.
  • Liaise with the other ethnic communities in Australia.
  • Do all of the above on behalf of the NSCA member organisations.